Asperger’s only, please

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When Thorkil Sonne, a father in Denmark, discovered that his son had autism, he wondered how his son would support himself when he grew up.

“At first I was in agony and despair,” he recalls. “Then came the thought of what happens when he grows up.”

He tells his story at a TEDxHamburg event in the following video.

So Thorkil quit his job, mortgaged his home, and founded Specialisterne, an IT consultancy firm that offers such technical and focus-intensive services as software testing and overseeing fiber optic cable placement, and his employees overwhelmingly have one thing in common- Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger’s is an autism spectrum disorder that typically results in high intelligence and focus, but difficulty with social interaction.

Individuals with Asperger’s syndrom often display remarkable attention to detail, and one client who hired Specialisterne workers to do data entry found that they were five to 10 times more precise than other contractors. Today Specialisterne has over 60 employees, the majority of whom have Asperger’s syndrome, and the company is now opening another branch in Scotland. (Wired)

Fore more videos, articles, and information about Specialisterne, visit the company’s English website,

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