Our Mission

Research tell us that early ABA-based intervention is a child’s best chance of bridging the developmental gap between themselves and their neurotypical (“normal”) peers, but when thirty hours of ABA cost 20,000 AED a month and insurance offers no help, then what choice do parents have?

Those who can pay do, and join the ranks of financially drained but emotionally relieved.  We tell ourselves that we may be broke, but at least our child has learned his or her own name, and that is an investment whose return cannot be measured.  But what about those parents who cannot pay?  Do their children deserve a life-sentence of silence and dependence because they couldn’t afford treatment?

No, because every child deserves a chance.

That is our mission statement, and that is the driving force behind the formation of AutismUAE.  AutismUAE is Dubai-based initiative to bring affordable ABA therapy and related support services to individuals on the autism spectrum.   To learn more about how we do this, please see our Portfolio of Services.