About Us

Welcome to AutismUAE.com, a Dubai-based initiative to bring affordable ABA therapy and related support services to individuals with autism throughout the GCC as well as the Subcontinent (Pakistan, India). Our dream is to help every child who needs it, and we do that by running our operations as close to cost as possible.

We save money so that you don’t have to spend it. We are proud to be registered though Virtuzone, a free zone that allows companies to operate with ‘virtual offices,’ and what we save in expensive commercial rent, we pass back to you so that you can give your child the most therapy possible with the resources you have.

We bring our services to your home, so that you the cost of renting a full-fledged center doesn’t filter down to you.

We provide staff accommodation, and our bulk rentals allow us to keep our therapists safe and happy without putting a five-star strain on parents.

We don’t think it’s fair that when a family makes less than twenty thousand dirhams a month their child goes untreated. No one deserves a life-sentence of silence and dependence, and if there are limits on what your child can learn, let them be set by their own abilities and not your salary.