We do things a little differently: Transportation Allowance

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Dear Parents,
There are costs that are typically associated with a child’s ABA program- Assessment, Program Management, Speech and Language Therapy, etc.  So where does Transportation Allowance come in?  Here at AutismUAE, we provide therapists to families for as close to operational cost as possible.  That includes the visas, salaries, accommodation, medical, annual tickets, business licensing fees, etc- we cover it all and provide a service with the goal of making therapy affordable for as many children as possible.  What that doesn’t include is the price of getting therapists from point A to point B.  Here’s why.
We have clients that live right on Dubai Metro lines and some in residential areas of the city accessible only by taxi.  We have clients in Dubai and clients in Abu Dhabi.  It is impossible to come up with a “standard” transportation cost, because there is no “standard” for where you live.  We cannot include the price of transportation in the price of therapy, because the cost of getting a therapist to Bur Dubai is not equal to the cost of getting a therapist to Sharjah, and each family should only have to pay as much or as little is actually required to bring the therapist to their home.
We’d love to hear what you think about this, because the whole reason we’re working is to help bring as much therapy to as many children as we can, as early in their lives as possible.  If you have ideas on how we can achieve this goal better, we’d love to hear from you.
Best Regards,
Zeba Khan
Director, AutismUAE
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