Empowering Parents: Parent Reviews for Autism Resources in the UAE

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Dear Parents:

We know you are on the front lines of the autism battle- that you struggle daily to get the best care, to find the most accurate information, and provide the best future for your child that you can. We recognize your determination, and we are hoping you can share your experience.

AutismUAE.com is now accepting parent reviews of service providers in the UAE. If you have had a good experience, an educational experience, or even a poor experience, please share it, and we will publish your reviews so that other parents may benefit and learn from them.

To learn about creating your review, please download this document, read the questions, and then email your feedback to editor@autismuae.com. Your reviews will be featured in tandem with the service provider pages, so that parents looking for information will not only get working hours and phone numbers, but also valuable input from your first-hand experience.

Making information about autism and treatment more freely available is one way that we can empower parents and help them make more informed, more educated decisions about their children’s futures. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,


(document also available in PDF format)

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